Types of Evaluations

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations are performed by clinical psychologists who typically work outside of schools in hospitals or in private practices.  Psychological Evaluations can include many formal assessments in order to examine a person’s psychological, emotional, and behavioral functioning. Psychological Evaluations are typically intended to guide diagnosis and treatment from a medical perspective, not from an educational perspective. 

Psycho-Educational Evaluation 

A psychoeducational evaluation determines if you or your child has a learning disability or other issues that negatively impact his or her ability to learn. It assesses cognitive (i.e. intellectual) abilities, academic achievement levels, information processing abilities, and general emotional and behavioral issues. These evaluations usually measure emotional/behavioral functioning and their impact on the academic success.

Forensic Psychological Evaluation

The Forensic Psychological Evaluation assesses the psychological functioning of the person being evaluated, looking at their mental status and the presence of any mental disorder. This evaluation is very different from the routine psychological evaluations that most mental health professionals provide.


**Not all evaluations are covered by insurance. Your provider will discuss with you the out-of-pocket costs associated with your particular evaluation. Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis. 

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