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Hello and welcome to Unvaled Psychological.  Dr. Cutshall is a licensed clinical psychologist primarily serving adults and adolescents who struggle with depression and anxiety, relational distress, self-sabotaging patterns, emptiness, intolerable emotions, impulsive behaviors including suicidal and self-injurious behaviors, ADHD, burnout, imposter syndrome and histories of trauma.  In 2017, she decided to refine her scope of work and Unvaled Psychological was founded. Focusing her expertise and efforts within a private practice located in the heart of Hampton Roads, Virginia, Dr. Cutshall has been able to create the environment and culture she believes is the most conducive to healing. 

Since the very beginning, Dr. Cutshall’s mission has been to offer quality, specialized, and in-depth psychological services, in a safe and comfortable setting, to as many individuals as are willing to show up for themselves, roll up their sleeves and dive into the intensive work of healing.  Dr. Cutshall built this practice on a foundation of profound respect for others, authenticity, and genuine care for her patients.  At Unvaled Psychological, treatment is dynamic and tailored to fit each individual's unique set of needs.  The professional staff at Unvaled pride themselves on working hard to gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the struggles their patients face, and then work collaboratively with them to achieve the various goals that they have for themselves.  The objectives being to help alleviate suffering, facilitate greater self-awareness, and foster more fulfilling, satisfying lives.  At Unvaled the approach is always warm, compassionate, honest, and engaging.


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